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Pre-Order 'Faith Under Fire' LP by Jesus Divine

Pre-Order ‘Faith Under Fire’ LP by Jesus Divine

Truth season is here. Released under Subliminal Music Group “imprint label”, Faith Under Fire LP comes equipped with blazing fast rhymes & “slap-yo-momma” bass. According to Alec Sartianno, this album has been in the works for some time now, approximately 3 years in the making. The two have compiled a total of 19 songs for the Deluxe Edition, and 15 for the digital and hard copy of the release. For those who pre-order the hard copy, they receive a download of the deluxe edition immediately, along with 4 bonus tracks & an unreleased music video. 2 of the bonus tracks are only exclusive to pre-order customers, which are said to be coming on Alec’s ‘White Magick EP’ this year. Features include Stevie Stone, JL B.Hood, Nesto The Owner, Kamikazi, Hurricane, Morgan Barrett, Storm Deisel & more.

I wanted to take the time to discuss how this all came about. Jesus & Alec first met through mutual friend Scott Harrison in summer of 2011. One of the album’s first single, “Welcome II Killa City”, was the first song Jesus got from Alec which was recorded back in winter 2011. Since then they have mustered up a song with Stevie Stone, on a song titled “Angels In Flight” which has gained attention from technicians worldwide which was released sometime mid 2013. Since then they released single “A Faith Like Job’s”  which imitates the biblical story depicting Satan questioning God’s blessings to Job. This has raised eyebrows regarding the subject matter & can hopefully help those keep their faith in times of pain.

The album is said to have been recorded at Alec Sartianno’s house as well as Chapman Recording & Mastering in Lenexa, KS. Robert Rebeck who is known for his work with Tech N9ne is the engineer behind the album. Executive produced by Alec Sartianno & Jesus Espinoza.


1) Losing My Religion (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

2) Truth Be Told (feat. JL B.Hood, Hurricane & Morgan Barrett) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

3) The Recipe (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

4) Release (feat. Morgan Barrett) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno, Doug Higson)

5) Welcome II Killa City (feat. JL B.Hood, D-Loc, Wild Child & Ovadose) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno, Doug Higson)

6) Test My Patience (feat. Nesto The Owner, Kamikazi & Huricane) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

7) My Element (feat. Morgan Barrett) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

8) Fighting My Demons (feat. Storm Deisel) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

9) Could’ve Done More (feat. Morgan Barrett) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno, Doug Higson)

10) Judas (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

11) Authority & Power (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

12) A Faith Like Job’s (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

13) Angels In Flight (feat. Stevie Stone) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

14) The Resurrection (Prod. by Alec Sartianno, Scott Harrison II)

15) Nevaeh (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

~ Bonus Tracks ~

16) Where’s It at?! (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

17) The Jungle (feat. Wild Child & Ovadose) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

18) No Forewarning (feat. JL B.Hood & Morgan Barrett) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

19) All My Life (feat. Kyle James, JL B.Hood & Morgan Barrett) (Prod. by Alec Sartianno)

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